1. Fried Green Tomatoes. Favourite Films 27/50.

    This is such a sweet film. There are so few movies made simply about the friendship between women it is amazing when one that is well done comes along. Both Idgie and Ruth are fully drawn out characters who are fantastic to watch. Rebellion, friendship, loss, and good cooking, what’s not to like? 


  2. Benny and Joon. Favourite Films 26/50.

    A quirky feel good romance that actually addresses mental illness and long-term problems and solutions? Yes I love this film. Also it has Johnny Depp emulating Charlie Chaplin. 


  3. Now You See Me. New Films 57/70.

    I find stories about magicians and illusionists very intriguing. This film had a strong start but around the middle it began to lose momentum and seemed a little directionless. The stakes seemed to drop and the twists were more predictable. I wanted it to pull it together at the end but it was more anti-climactic that I had hoped.  It was a film with potential that didn’t fully pan out, but it was good for a one time watch.


  4. Dornröschen. Foreign Films 13/50

    This is another of the made for television fairytale films. Again it wasn’t wonderful but it was fun to watch. Plus it is nice to watch adaptation that were made with the purpose of staying close to the original fairytale.


  5. Rapunzel. Foreign Films 12/50.

    I found a number of made for television Grimm’s Fairytale films from Germany. They are all easy to follow, a little ridiculous and clearly low budget but also quite enjoyable.


  6. Le Pacte des Loups. Foreign Films 11/50.

    This film had a lot of potential to be ridiculously fun; a movie about historical France, werewolves and martial arts. It had a strong cast, great costumes and nice cinematography. Unfortunately, most of its good qualities are overshadowed by one of the most stereotypical native american characters that I have seen put to film. In parts this makes it very hard to watch in places and I deeply wish that thought had been out into his character so that I could watch this as a fun film without being left with a sour taste in my mouth.


  7. North by North West. Films before 1969 11/50.

    I am trying to work my way through the Alfred Hitchcock films and was excited to see this one. It was interesting and fun, the main character was intriguing, but no matter how well written his characters are, Cary Grant always bores me to tears. If it had been cast differently I could have loved this movie, as it is I liked it.


  8. Election. New Films 56/70.

    I had heard that this was a good satire, and a good movie in general. I found it interesting, I saw the humour in it but I can’t say that I enjoyed it.


  9. The Apparition. New Films 55/70.

    I watched this with a friend and both of us fell asleep for the first half of it, the second half of it made me wonder if I wouldn’t be better off still sleeping. Badly thought out, badly written, badly paced and in some cases badly acted.


  10. Catch Me If You Can. New Films 54/70.

    This movie; the story of a young man who talks his way into various scams is an interesting one. Dicaprio, Walken, Hanks and Adams all put in good performances. I enjoyed watching it, but it hasn’t stuck with me very much.